The Full Model Compatibility Guide

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The Full Model Compatibility Guide

Postby P.Rex » Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:16 pm

Are you designing a new mod but you want more than just reskining the same animals again and again? Then, like me, you've probably contemplated adding an animal from another game into the mix. But how do you know what works? After all, not every animal CAR fits with every animal AI.
Until now, trial-and-error was the only way to find out what works...


This chart will show you exactly what animals you can switch between.
The ability to switch between two different animals depends on two factors:

1.The number of animations in a model.
2.The order of animations.

If these two factors are positive, you can switch between the models and it will work perfect ingame.

Now, refer to the chart; when a slot is green, it means both factors 1 and 2 are positive, in which case you can switch.
When a slot is orange, it means factor 1 is positive (which means you're halfway there) and factor 2 is negative, which can be easily fixed thanks to machf's CAR editor, which allows you to change the order of animations.*
When a slot is grey, it means both factors are negative and there's not much we can do at this point.
The white numbers represent the number of animations in a model. For example, the Moschops has 6 animations.

*I have already tested and proved this theory, and using machf's tool I changed the order of animations in the Pachy model so that it fits the Chasmosaurus AI. That means a Pachy that's fully functional in C2 and doesn't give off any weird behaviors. See for yourself:
Sorry, your browser does not support shockwave objects!

I'm posting this research online because I hope it would be of use to modders everywhere, and help them produce higher quality mods.

If anyone finds any errors or inaccuracies in this chart, let me know.

EDIT 12/3/11: It should be noted that one-way switching of models is also possible. You can have a model replace a model with less animations, but not a model with more animations. For example, you can have the Ceratosaurus replace the Pig, but not the other way around. This does not work for huntable animals in Carnivores Ice Age due to the way the engine handles the kill animations.
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Re: The Full Model Compatibility Guide

Postby Killer predetor » Tue May 07, 2013 11:22 am

Thats something i need to know.

Nice animation by the way
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